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An eldritch beast rises out of the dark wretched waters in front of the ancient elvish gate. Great tentacles slither out from underneath it; reaching out for you as it snaps its angry maw. What do you do?

A minimalist tabletop role-playing game, The Deep Dark uses modern game design to accomplish an ‘old school’ feel. 

A simple ruleset creates exciting dungeon crawls for you and your friends to explore dangerous ruins for gold and glory.

The Deep Dark is a complete fantasy role-playing game in 64 pages. The rule book features everything you need in order to play the game. Its a game about team work, helping your friends, and keeping your promises. It is a hard game, where the odds are stacked against you and your friends. Play of the Deep Dark is ’emergent’; each time you play to discover something new, both in the fiction and at the table. The Deep Dark rewards player skill, the game wants you to be good at playing it. The game wants you to find clever ways to use character assets for mechanical advantages, because you’re going to need them. The Deep Dark can be grueling.

Some specifics: – d6 + situational modifiers dice system – roots in PBtA and OSR games – uses standard polyhedral dice – 5 classes: The Cartographer, The Quartermaster, The Man-at-Arms, The Theologist, and the Arcanist - Over 20 monsters in the bestiary! Each with unique abilities. From Adventurers, to Iron Eaters, Trolls, and Wyrms!

This book provides rules for creating characters and running them through perilous adventures.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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